psPAS Release 3.5

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3.5.8 (April 2nd 2020)

  • Changes minimum required PowerShell version to 5.1
  • Updates + Fixes
    • Marginal performance improvement by suppressing progress bar for Invoke-WebRequest.
    • Add-PASAccount
      • Fixed bug where mandatory username parameter is not sent in the request body when using the classic API.
    • Get-PASDirectoryMapping
      • include MappingID in default table output
    • Get-PASSafeMember
      • Updated help text to clarify MemberName parameter and expected failure conditions due to request method (PUT instead of GET)

3.5.0 (March 15th 2020)

Module update to cover CyberArk 11.3

  • Breaking Changes
    • Add-PASApplicationAuthenticationMethod - Parameters Changed
      • Removed AuthName & AuthValue parameters
      • Added named parameters for each authentication type, which accept the AuthValue string.
  • Updates + Fixes
    • New-PASSession
      • Added Parameter concurrentSession - supported from 11.3
      • Added support for Windows + RADIUS authentication
      • PSCredential object can now be used for Windows/IIS Authentication.
      • Added logic to prompt for OTP by supplying a value of passcode to the OTP parameter
    • Add-PASApplicationAuthenticationMethod
      • Added support for configuring Certificate Attribute authentication method