psPAS Release 3.4

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3.4.100 (January 27th 2020)

Module update to cover CyberArk 11.2 API features

  • Breaking Changes
    • Parameters Changed: New-PASDirectoryMapping & Set-PASDirectoryMapping
      • Functions updated to use enum flag for mapping authorization options
      • MappingAuthorizations
        • Parameter now accepts string values representing the authorizations to configure for the mapping instead of an integer representation of them.
      • The following parameters are no longer accepted by the functions, the string values must now be provided to the MappingAuthorizations parameter instead:
        • AddUpdateUsers
        • AddSafes
        • AddNetworkAreas
        • ManageServerFileCategories
        • AuditUsers
        • BackupAllSafes
        • RestoreAllSafes
        • ResetUsersPasswords
        • ActivateUsers
  • New Function
    • Added Test-PASPSMRecording
      • New in 11.2
  • Fixes & Other Updates
    • Update Get-PASAccount to accept searchType parameter. Relevant to 11.2+.
    • Fixed incorrectly declared mandatory parameter in Set-PASUser
      • No longer required to set new password on user update.
    • Update psPAS.CyberArk.Vault.User.Formats
      • Include expiry & last logon date in friendly format.
      • New table format for displaying user information returned from API requests.
    • Performance related updates to internal module mechanics.
    • All functions help text updated to include link to function documentation on
    • Corrections & updates to documentation on