psPAS + API Command Reference

The table below lists links to the official documentation for the API commands, against links to the psPAS function where the API command is exposed within the module.

Some API commands are combined into single psPAS commands.

Some API commands are split into multiple psPAS commands.

A psPAS command may not appear in the below list due to it not being explicitly developed against a native API command.

API Command psPAS Command
CyberArk, LDAP, Radius, Windows Logon New-PASSession
SAML Logon New-PASSession
Shared Logon authentication New-PASSession
CyberArk, LDAP, Radius, Windows Logoff Close-PASSession
Shared Logon Authentication Logoff Close-PASSession
Get accounts Get-PASAccount
Get account details Get-PASAccount
Add account Add-PASAccount
Update account Set-PASAccount
Delete account Remove-PASAccount
Check in an exclusive account Unlock-PASAccount
Get OPM account commands Get-PASAccountACL
Add OPM account commands Add-PASAccountACL
Delete OPM account commands Remove-PASAccountACL
Get account activity Get-PASAccountActivity
Get Safe account groups Get-PASAccountGroup
Get account group by Safe Get-PASAccountGroup
Add account group New-PASAccountGroup
Get account group members Get-PASAccountGroupMember
Add member to account group Add-PASAccountGroupMember
Delete member from account group Remove-PASAccountGroupMember
Create bulk upload of accounts Start-PASAccountImportJob
Get all bulk account uploads for user Get-PASAccountImportJob
Get bulk account upload result Get-PASAccountImportJob
Get password value Get-PASAccountPassword
Retrieve private SSH key account Get-PASAccountSSHKey
Get Just in Time access Request-PASAdHocAccess
Add allowed referrer Add-PASAllowedReferrer
Get allowed referrer Get-PASAllowedReferrer
Get applications Get-PASApplication
Get application details Get-PASApplication
Add application Add-PASApplication
Delete application Remove-PASApplication
Get application authentication methods Get-PASApplicationAuthenticationMethod
Add application authentication method Add-PASApplicationAuthenticationMethod
Delete application authentication method Remove-PASApplicationAuthenticationMethod
Add authentication method Add-PASAuthenticationMethod
Update authentication method Set-PASAuthenticationMethod
Get specific authentication method Get-PASAuthenticationMethod
Get authentication methods Get-PASAuthenticationMethod
PAS System Health Details Get-PASComponentDetail
PAS System Health Summary Get-PASComponentSummary
Import connection component Import-PASConnectionComponent
Get all connection components Get-PASConnectionComponent
Import connection component Import-PASConnectionComponent
Get all connection components Get-PASConnectionComponent
Verify credentials Invoke-PASCPMOperation
Change credentials immediately Invoke-PASCPMOperation
Change credentials, set next password Invoke-PASCPMOperation
Change credentials in Vault Invoke-PASCPMOperation
Reconcile credentials Invoke-PASCPMOperation
Get directories Get-PASDirectory
Get directory details Get-PASDirectory
Create directory Add-PASDirectory
Delete directory Remove-PASDirectory
Get directory mapping list Get-PASDirectoryMapping
Get mapping details Get-PASDirectoryMapping
Create directory mapping New-PASDirectoryMapping
Edit directory mapping Set-PASDirectoryMapping
Delete directory mapping Remove-PASDirectoryMapping
Reorder directory mappings Set-PASDirectoryMappingOrder
Add discovered accounts - Gen 2 Add-PASDiscoveredAccount
Get discovered accounts Get-PASDiscoveredAccount
Get discovered account details Get-PASDiscoveredAccount
Get groups Get-PASGroup
Create group New-PASGroup
Delete group Remove-PASGroup
Add member to group Add-PASGroupMember
Remove user from group Remove-PASGroupMember
Get Logged On User Details Get-PASLoggedOnUser
Get onboarding rules Get-PASOnboardingRule
Add onboarding rule New-PASOnboardingRule
Update onboarding rule Set-PASOnboardingRule
Delete onboarding rule Remove-PASOnboardingRule
Add discovered accounts - Gen 1 Add-PASPendingAccount
Get platforms Get-PASPlatform
Get platform details Get-PASPlatform
Import platform Import-PASPlatform
Export platform Export-PASPlatform
Get target platforms Get-PASPlatform
Duplicate target platforms Copy-PASPlatform
Activate target platform Enable-PASPlatform
Deactivate target platform Disable-PASPlatform
Delete target platform Remove-PASPlatform
Get dependent platforms Get-PASPlatform
Duplicate dependent platforms Copy-PASPlatform
Delete dependent platform Remove-PASPlatform
Get group platforms Get-PASPlatform
Duplicate group platforms Copy-PASPlatform
Activate group platform Enable-PASPlatform
Deactivate group platform Disable-PASPlatform
Delete group platform Remove-PASPlatform
Get rotational group platforms Get-PASPlatform
Duplicate rotational group platforms Copy-PASPlatform
Activate rotational group platform Enable-PASPlatform
Deactivate rotational group platform Disable-PASPlatform
Delete rotational group platform Remove-PASPlatform
Get session management policy of platform Get-PASPlatformPSMConfig
Update session management policy of platform Set-PASPlatformPSMConfig
Get safes by platform ID Get-PASPlatformSafe
Get OPM rules Get-PASPolicyACL
Add OPM policy Add-PASPolicyACL
Delete OPM policy Remove-PASPolicyACL
Get recordings Get-PASPSMRecording
Get recording details Get-PASPSMRecording
Play recording Export-PASPSMRecording
Get recording activities Get-PASPSMRecordingActivity
Get recording properties Get-PASPSMRecordingProperty
Get all PSM servers Get-PASPSMServer
Get active sessions Get-PASPSMSession
Get active session Get-PASPSMSession
Monitor an active session Connect-PASPSMSession
Suspend an active session Suspend-PASPSMSession
Resume an active session Resume-PASPSMSession
Terminate an active session Stop-PASPSMSession
Connect using PSM New-PASPSMSession
Ad hoc connect using PSM New-PASPSMSession
Get active session activities Get-PASPSMSessionActivity
Get active session properties Get-PASPSMSessionProperty
Get security events Get-PASPTAEvent
Update security event Set-PASPTAEvent
Get security settings - Remediations Get-PASPTARemediation
Update security remediation settings Set-PASPTARemediation
Get security settings - Rules Get-PASPTARule
Add risky commands rule Add-PASPTARule
Update risky commands rule Set-PASPTARule
Get public SSH keys Get-PASPublicSSHKey
Add a public SSH key Add-PASPublicSSHKey
Delete Public SSH Key Remove-PASPublicSSHKey
Get my requests Get-PASRequest
Create a request New-PASRequest
Delete my request Remove-PASRequest
Get incoming request list Get-PASRequest
Confirm request Approve-PASRequest
Reject request Deny-PASRequest
Get details of My Requests Get-PASRequestDetail
Get confirmation request details Get-PASRequestDetail
Get Safes Get-PASSafe
Search for a Safe Get-PASSafe
Get Safe details Get-PASSafe
Add Safe Add-PASSafe
Update Safe Set-PASSafe
Delete Safe Remove-PASSafe
Get members Get-PASSafeMember
Add member Add-PASSafeMember
Update member Set-PASSafeMember
Delete member Remove-PASSafeMember
Logo Get-PASSafeShareLogo
Server Get-PASServer
Verify Get-PASServerWebService
Get Users Get-PASUser
Get User Details Get-PASUser
Add User New-PASUser
Update User Set-PASUser
Delete User Remove-PASUser
Activate User Unblock-PASUser
Reset User Password Set-PASUserPassword
Add OpenID Connect Identity Provider Add-PASOpenIDConnectProvider
Get specific OpenID Connect Identity Provider Get-PASOpenIDConnectProvider
Get all OpenID Connect Identity Providers Get-PASOpenIDConnectProvider
Delete OpenID Connect Identity Provider Remove-PASOpenIDConnectProvider
Update OpenID Connect Identity Provider Set-PASOpenIDConnectProvider
Delete authentication method Remove-PASAuthenticationMethod