psPAS Release 4.0

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4.0.0 (July 1st 2020)

Module update to cover CyberArk 11.4 API features

  • Breaking Changes
    • Get-PASSafeMember, Add-PASSafeMember & Set-PASSafeMember: Output Changed
      • “Permission” property of returned object now contains a nested property=value pair for each permission instead of an array containing only the name of the assigned permissions.
      • Existing scripts which rely on the legacy array value of the Permissions property when working with the *-PASSafeMember functions must either be updated to work with the new output or use an earlier compatible psPAS version.
  • New Function
    • Added Set-PASPTAEvent
      • Appeared in 11.3
      • Set status of PTA events
  • Updated Functions
    • New-PASSession
      • Adds support for updated saml auth updated in 11.4
    • Get-PASPTAEvent
      • Adds newly documented parameters for 11.4 and updates request format for filtering events
  • Fixes
    • Set-PASUser
      • Corrects issue where an incorrectly formed json body was being sent with the request if using the parameters introduced in psPAS 3.3.88.
    • Add-PASSafeMember & Set-PASSafeMember
      • Update ensures json body of request is always sent with the permission properties statically ordered.