About psPAS

Initially released in 2017, psPAS contains over 100 commands for the CyberArk REST API.

The module is designed to be compatible with CyberArk from Version 9 onwards, providing CyberArk users with an accessible resource for automating simple day to day administration tasks as well as more complex requirements.

The module can work in both PowerShell Core & PowerShell, meaning Windows, Linux, and macOS CyberArk automation is possible.

Using a shared set of commands for interacting with the CyberArk API provides many benefits:

  • A shared development framework:
    • Code which works for one user will work, or can easily be adapted for others.
  • Easily collaborate on shared problems.
    • Fosters an opportunity for developers to support others in the CyberArk community seeking to make improvements through automation.

Community Contributions

psPAS would not be what it is without contributions received from the community.

Whether it is reporting a typo, logging a feature request, updating documentation or code - every contribution is appreciated.