About psPAS

Over 100 commands for the CyberArk REST API are included in psPAS, which was first made available via Github in 2017 and is now also downloadable via the PowerShell Gallery.

The module is intended to work with both the newest CyberArk version release and also older versions of the API, giving users of CyberArk an easily accessible tool for automating both routine administrative tasks and more specialized requirements.

It is possible to develop and automate CyberArk operations for Windows, Linux, and macOS because of the module’s compatibility with both PowerShell Core and Windows PowerShell.

The module’s standard set of commands offers a number of advantages for dealing with the CyberArk API, including:

  • A shared development framework: 
    • Code that works for one user will function for others, or can be easily adapted to do so.
  • Simple collaboration on common issues.
    • Gives users the opportunity to support members of the CyberArk community who are seeking to automate changes.

Project Sponsorship

If you are already using psPAS, please consider sponsoring @pspete on GitHub:

Community Contributions

Without community contributions, psPAS would not exist the way it does today.

Every contribution, regardless of whether it is a feature request, reporting a typo, updated code or documentation, is valued.

To learn how to interact with and contribute changes to the project, see the Contribute to psPAS article.

Getting Help & Support

Because psPAS is a community-developed product, it is not covered by any current maintenance contracts you might have for CyberArk support. Likewise, since psPAS has been independently developed, you should not use the official support channels for assistance relating to the module.

Help and support should be sought by opening an Issue on the project’s GitHub page (preferable), or emailing pspas@pspete.dev if opening a GiHub Issue is not an available option.

Priority support could be considered for sponsors of @pspete on GitHub. Contact us to discuss options.