• Powershell v5 (minimum), or PowerShell Core
  • CyberArk PAS REST API/Web Service
  • A user with which to authenticate, with appropriate Vault/Safe permissions.

psPAS is available to download from either the PowerShell Gallery or GitHub.

Choose one of the following methods to obtain & install the module:

  1. Open a PowerShell prompt

  2. Execute the following command:

Install-Module -Name psPAS -Scope CurrentUser

PowerShell 5.0 or above must be used to download the module from the PowerShell Gallery.

Option 2: Manual Install

  1. Download the master branch archive file from GitHub.

  2. Extract the archive

  • The downloaded archive contains a folder named psPAS.

  • The psPAS folder must be copied to one of your PowerShell Module Directories.
    • Find your PowerShell Module Paths with the $env:PSModulePath.split(';') command:
  • Copy the psPAS folder to your “Powershell Modules” directory of choice.


Validate Module Exists on your local machine:

Get-Module -ListAvailable psPAS

Import the module:

Import-Module psPAS

List Module Commands:

Get-Command -Module psPAS

Get detailed information on specific commands:

Get-Help New-PASUser -Full