psPAS Release 5.5

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5.5.110 (March 7th 2023)

Module update to cover all CyberArk 13.0 API features

  • New
    • Adds Get-PASPTAGlobalCatalog & Add-PASPTAGlobalCatalog commands, available for v13.
  • Updates
    • New-PASSession
      • Adds Shared Services Auth Support
      • Allows null or empty OTPDelimiter to be specified
    • Set-PASPTARule
      • Updates validation for parameter id
    • Get-PASComponentDetail
      • Adds pta as option for parameter component
    • Add-PASSafe
      • Allows 0 as valid value for parameter NumberOfDaysRetention
    • Add-PASSafeMember
      • Adds optional memberType parameter, accepted from 12.6 onward.
  • Other
    • Allow UPN UserName format
      • Updates the parameter validation logic of the *-PASPublicSSHKey functions to allow UPN style usernames to be specified and accepted.
    • Updates psPAS.CyberArk.Vault.OnboardingRule format in line with expected output according to product documentation.
    • Documentation update
      • Correct version requirement information for the Get-PASAccount searchType parameter.