psPAS Release 5.1

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5.1.44 (July 13th 2021)

  • Updates
    • Get-PASGroup

5.1.37 (June 28th 2021)

  • Updates
    • Resolves issue where the ConvertTo-UnixTime helper function provided invalid values when the culture was not ‘en-US’.
    • Set-PASUser
      • Sets ValueFromPipelinebyPropertyName = $false for ExpiryDate parameter, avoids parameter validation exception when piping object representing user, such as the output from Get-PASUSer, into Set-PASUser.
    • Get-PASAccountPassword
      • MachineName parameter changed to string type (previously was incorrectly specified as switch)
      • Added UserName parameter & ToPsCredential() Method to enable return of Credential Object.

5.1.21 (June 7th 2021)

  • Updates
    • Get-PASSession
      • Catch errors getting the username of the logged on user so session token and other information can still be extracted from the module scope.
    • Add-PASSafeMember
      • Makes InitiateCPMAccountManagementOperations non-mandatory; fixes issue introduced in 5.1.16.
    • Remove-PASGroupMember
      • Resolves issue where attempting to remove group member with an ‘@’ symbol in the user name reported a 404 error.
    • Get-PASPlatform
      • Fixes issue where expected output was not displayed when using the platforms parameterset.

5.1.16 (May 23rd 2021)

  • Updates
    • New-PASSession
      • Introduce support for providing response to RADIUS challenges featuring sub-options.
      • Fixes Gen2 SAML Authentication:
        • Code to get SAML Response via SSO using default credentials updated to correctly format authentication request.
        • SAMLResponse Parameter added for user to provide their own SAMLResponse as string value.
    • Add-PASSafeMember
      • Fixes issue where some permissions may not be applied when piping object into function and using the Gen2 API.