psPAS Release 2.4

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2.4.8 (February 16th 2019)

  • Updated Functions / Bug Fix / Breaking Change
    • Close-PASSession
      • Now sends request to V10 URL by default.
      • New parameter added to send request to V9 API if required.
    • psPAS.psm1
      • Updated to improve module load time.
      • Original import method can be forced by specifying Import-Module -Name psPAS -ArgumentList $true
  • Fixed
    • New-PASSession
      • Fixed unexpected element in request body when specifying UseDefaultCredentials with Windows Authentication.

2.4.3 (February 15th 2019)

  • Bug Fix
    • Remove debug output which could contain plaintext passwords.

2.4.0 (February 1st 2019)

Module update to cover CyberArk 10.6 API features

  • New Functions
    • Get-PASPSMSessionActivity
      • Returns activity details from an active PSM Session.
    • Get-PASPSMSessionProperty
      • Returns property details from an active PSM Session.
    • Get-PASPSMRecordingActivity
      • Returns activity details from a PSM Recording.
    • Get-PASPSMRecordingProperty
      • Returns property details from a PSM Recording.
    • Export-PASPSMRecording
      • Allows saving of PSM Session Recording to a file.
    • Request-PASAdHocAccess
      • Enables request of temporary administrative access to a server.
  • Updated Functions
    • Get-PASPSMRecording
      • Now able to query PSM recordings by ID.
    • Get-PASAccount
      • Updated to include return of InternalProperties property when using the V9 API.
    • Get-PASPSMConnectionParameter
      • Added support for RDP File output