psPAS Release 2.0

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2.0.4 (July 8th 2018)

  • Updated Function
    • Set-PASAccount, updated to support new 10.4 API features.

2.0.0 (July 1st 2018)

The 1 year since first commit anniversary edition

Module update to cover CyberArk 10.4 API features

  • Breaking Changes
    • New-PASSession
      • Function now defaults to the v10 API Endpoints
      • Users on CyberArk Version 9 need to specify the -UseV9API switch parameter
    • New-PASOnboardingRule
      • Function now defaults to the ParameterSet relating to version 10.2 onwards
    • Add-PASPendingAccount
      • Parameter AccountDiscoveryDate changed to type [datetime]
    • Add-PASApplication
      • Parameter ExpirationDate changed to type [datetime]
    • Add-PASSafeMember
      • Parameter MembershipExpirationDate changed to type [datetime]
    • Set-PASSafeMember
      • Parameter MembershipExpirationDate changed to type [datetime]
    • New-PASUser
      • Parameter ExpiryDate changed to type [datetime]
    • Set-PASUser
      • Parameter ExpiryDate changed to type [datetime]
  • New Functions
    • Export-PASPlatform function added, allows export of platform to a zip file.
    • Get-PASUserLoginInfo function added, retrieves logon information for the authenticated user.
    • Add-PASDirectory function added, adds a new LDAP directory for authentication.
    • Get-PASDirectory function added, lists LDAP directories.
    • New-PASDirectoryMapping function added, creates new LDAP Directory mappings.
  • Bug Fixes
    • New-PASSession
      • Fixed issue where module was not returning authentication token when using LDAP credentials in version 10.3.
        • To use LDAP authentication the -type LDAP must be specified as a parameter.
  • Other Updates
    • Remove-PASAccount, updated to support new 10.4 API features.
    • Get-PASAccount, updated to support new 10.4 API features.
    • Version Check:
      • All logon functions now attempt to query the version of CyberArk in use, and return the External Version number as an additional output property.
        • The version check after logon can be skipped by specifying the -SkipVersionCheck parameter.
      • Functions, or, functions with specific parameters, that have minimum version requirements will assert that the version being used can support the action being requested.
        • If a minimum version requirement is not met, a descriptive error will be thrown.
        • If the version of CyberArk is unknown, or the version check has been skipped, version assertion will not occur.
    • Output:
      • Any function that does return output, now includes the CyberArk ExternalVersion as a standard property.
        • This enables functions along the pipeline to receive the information and assert and minimum version requirements.
    • PSCore:
      • All testing via Appveyor has now been transitioned to, and is performed in, PSCore.